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Peace of Mind.

Magnolia Law offers a personal approach to estate planning, creating plans that reflect your values and withstand the test of time. 


With a goal of preserving your assets and securing your legacy, we provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones -

one document at a time. 

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Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Magnolia Law offers a range of legal services:

Estate Planning

Magnolia Law offers a full spectrum of estate planning services, including preparation of wills, revocable living trusts, land trusts, financial powers of attorney, medical directives, guardianship nominations, and other customized solutions designed to provide peace of mind for years to come.  We form personal relationships with clients and create high quality estate plans at a reasonable cost, in order to protect their legacies for the future.

Real Estate

Magnolia Law offers representation in sales and purchases of residential real estate in the state of Illinois, change of ownership by way of a quit claim deed, and residential leasing.  Clients have direct attorney access throughout each transaction, allowing for a personal relationship and efficient resolution of the issues at hand. 


Magnolia Law assists with creating new LLCs, corporations, and other entities, preparing customized operating agreements, and providing ongoing corporate governance including annual reports, transfers of business interest, and compliance with the Corporate Transparency Act.


As a service to the community, Magnolia Law offers educational presentations on topics related to estate planning and real estate.

Estate Planning

Magnolia Law offers the following range of estate planning services:

  • Will

    • ​A will is a fundamental component of every estate plan and allows individuals to specify how their assets should be distributed after death.  Although a will must go through a legal process called probate before taking full effect, many of its provisions may be implemented independently and at less expense.

  • Revocable Living Trust

    • ​A trust is a comprehensive estate plan safeguarding your assets during your lifetime and after death.  A trust is actually a set of related documents, and typically includes a trust agreement, pour over will, powers of attorney, guardianship nominations for minor children, final disposition instructions, and other documents.  Once properly transferred into the trust, your assets bypass the probate process and can be distributed to beneficiaries without additional expense or need for court involvement.

  • Healthcare Power of Attorney

    • ​This crucial legal document allows you to designate someone you trust to make healthcare decisions on your behalf, when you become unable or unwilling to do so on your own.  Without advance authorization, a medical provider may not allow your loved ones to make decisions, and require a court-appointed guardian instead.

  • Durable Power of Attorney​​

    • This document grants a trusted individual legal authority to handle your financial and legal affairs if you are incapacitated or unavailable.  That appointed individual will be able to pay your bills, contact your insurance, file your tax return, and take other actions on your behalf for your benefit while you are unable to do so yourself.

  • Land Trust

    • A land trust is a relatively inexpensive option to hold real estate and to detail transfer of ownership after your death.  Not only does it avoid probate, allowing beneficiaries to inherit such real estate right away, but it also provides anonymity, since your name does not appear on title in public records.

  • Guardianship Nominations

    • ​This document allows parents and legal guardians to choose the caregivers of their minor children should the unthinkable occur and they were unable to take care of them on their own. ​ Without a nomination, the court will search for and select a guardian it finds most suitable.

  • Transfer on Death Instrument

    • ​This is an easy option to secure your real estate asset, and allows the property owner to select a beneficiary in the event of the owner's death.  This selection is recorded in the county where the real estate is located, and the designated beneficiary assumes ownership of the property automatically after the owner's death.

  • Trust Funding 

    • ​We provide instructions and prepare documents transferring assets into a trust, including deeds, letters to financial institutions, assignments of beneficial interests in companies.  All of this ensures that the trust is funded as desired.

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Real Estate

Magnolia Law offers the following real estate services:

  • Sale of  Residential Property

    • Whether selling a home, investment property, or a vacant land, we facilitate a smooth transaction by negotiating your contract, advising you along the way, clearing title issues, preparing your closing documents and finalizing the process with the title company.​

  • Purchase of a Home or Investment Property

    • From the initial contract review, through inspection and negotiation, you will receive personal guidance along the way while purchasing your property.  Once you are ready to close, your attorney will meet you in person at the title company to explain all legal documents and to ensure they are accurate.

  • Change of Ownership

    • The simplest way to add or remove someone from the title of your property is through a quit claim deed.  Assuming all interested parties are in agreement, this legal change of ownership is inexpensive, efficient, and quick.

  • Residential Leasing

    • Any landlord-tenant relationship starts with a lease agreement, highlighting each party's rights and responsibilities.  We prepare and review lease agreements, guide you through municipal and county requirements including obtaining a leasing license, and explain your legal obligations.

  • Tax Assessment and Exemption Applications

    • To ensure that you receive all available exemptions and are not paying more than your share of real estate taxes, we offer a preliminary review of your tax records, can help you apply for exemptions and refunds, and explain the tax appeal process.


Magnolia Law offers the following business services:

  • Creation of New Entities

    • Opening a new company is an exciting endeavor and Magnolia Law is committed to supporting each client throughout that journey.  We establish the desired legal entity with the state, obtain the federal tax identification number, and explain what actions you need to take to protect your personal assets from corporate liability.

  • Operating Agreements and Shareholder Agreements

    • Each business should have an agreement directing management, profit distribution, voting rights, sale and purchase, as well as succession of interest.  Without a properly drafted agreement, it may be difficult to transfer assets, allow admission or exit of a member, or agree on profit sharing in a multi-member entity.

  • Change of Ownership

    • Adding a member to an LLC or a shareholder to a corporation typically must be formalized by agreement.  In addition to drafting the necessary paperwork, we also update corporate books and make sure that the documents are in order.

  • Regulatory Reporting and Compliance with the Corporate Transparency Act

    • Businesses must file annual reports to remain compliant with state law and avoid dissolution.  We assist with all tasks pertaining to the Illinois Secretary of State to ensure your business remains in good standing and help with the filing of the beneficial ownership paperwork required by the new law effective 1/1/2024.

About Us

Malgorzata (Margo) Webb

Attorney Margo Webb is a globally-minded legal professional with a unique upbringing spanning two continents.  Raised in Poland and having completed her MBA program and law school in the U.S., Margo brings an educated and nuanced perspective to her estate planning, real estate and business law practice. 

Margo has practiced law in Illinois for 13 years, both in the government setting and in private practice.  She has a passion for helping clients secure their legacies, and focuses her practice on guiding individuals, families, and business owners through the intricacies of estate planning by creating customized wills, trusts, and other solutions. 

With a commitment to preserving and passing on wealth, Margo specializes in crafting personalized plans that go beyond legal expertise, providing a comforting presence during this rewarding yet sensitive process.  

Through her knowledge of real estate and business law, Margo is able to assist her clients in a comprehensive manner, allowing her to be the “one stop shop” for most of their legal needs. 

This personalized and skilled approach enables Margo to be not only an attorney for her clients; but a trusted advisor for those seeking high quality legal guidance



  • University of California Hastings College of the Law (now UC Law San Francisco), San Francisco, California, J.D.

  • North Park University, Chicago, Illinois, MBA

  • Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland (B.A and M.A.)


Community Involvement:

  • Member of Illinois State Bar Association, Illinois Real Estate Attorney Association, Advocates Society, Polish American Museum, Women's Bar Association

  • Advocates Scholarship Foundation Committee


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Margo is diligent, caring, and an expert in her legal practice area - all of the qualities you want in the attorney you decide to work with. Her legal skill and knowledge, coupled with her genuine care for her clients’ interests, makes her an awesome advocate that you’ll want on your side.
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If you need a reliable attorney that exceeds your expectations, I highly recommend Margo Webb. Margo drafted my trust and will documents. She is extremely knowledgeable on applicable law, responsive, diligent, and attentive.  I was particularly impressed with her efficiency and the quality of her work. I recommend the Magnolia Law Firm without reservation.
Logo of Magnola Law LLC consisting of series of magenta dots in various sizes creating an image of a spiraling circle
Been working with Margo for a while now and closed several deals. This is the only attorney I worked with that always goes the extra mile and ensures her clients are covered and protected. If you are looking for a real estate attorney that would continue to support you even post sale - look no further - Margo is your choice!
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I am extremely grateful for the outstanding assistance I received from Margo at Magnolia Law LLC for my real estate matters. Her expertise, professionalism, and genuine kindness made the entire process smooth and stress-free. Her in-depth knowledge of real estate law ensured that every aspect was handled meticulously. I greatly appreciate their dedication and excellent communication throughout. 
Logo of Magnola Law LLC consisting of series of magenta dots in various sizes creating an image of a spiraling circle
Highly recommended. Attorney Margo is a professional with extensive knowledge of the law. Our every question was answered quickly and the whole process went  well. Wouldn't go to any other law firm. Margo takes time to address every small detail to make sure it has been done the right way. Not many law firm offer that luxury.
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